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 ====== The International Conference on Spoken Language Translation ACL - 17th IWSLT 2020 ====== ====== The International Conference on Spoken Language Translation ACL - 17th IWSLT 2020 ======
-**July 9-10, 2020 – Seattle, WA, USA**\\ +**July 9-10, 2020 – [[https://​acl2020.org | ACL 2020]] Virtual Event **\\ 
-{{ ::second_cfp_iwslt_2020.01.22.pdf Second Call for Participation}}+ 
 +Streaming channel and pre-recorded paper talks are in the  
 +[[https://virtual.acl2020.org/​workshop_W2.html|ACL virtual page]]\\ 
 +([[registration|registration]] is required) 
 +Papers and  information about Q&A sessions with authors are in the 
 +[[program|program page]] 
 +//[[Keynote |Transformation of Language Services in the European Parliament]]//​\\ 
 +Speaker: Klaus Welle, ​ Secretary-General of the European Parliament\\ 
 +**Panel discussions**:​\\ 
 +//​Simultaneous Speech Translation//​\\ 
 +Moderator: Juan Pino, Facebook\\ 
 +Participants:​ Colin Cherry, Felix Schneider, Hou Jeung Han, Maha Elbayad, Patrick Wilken 
 +//Offline Speech Translation//​\\ 
 +Moderator: Marco Turchi, FBK\\ 
 +Participants:​ Marco Turchi, Jan Niehues, Amittai Axelrod, Laurent Besacier, Juan Pino, Shinji Watanabe\\ 
 +//Open Domain Translation//​\\ 
 +Moderators: Ajay Nagesh and Kevin Knight, DiDi Labs\\ 
 +//Experts Panel: Academia, Government, Industry//​\\ 
 +Moderator: Mark Seligman, Spoken Translation Inc. \\ 
 +Participants:​ Susanne Altenberg, European Parliament, Fei Huang, Alibaba, Macduff Hughes, Google, Volker Steinbiss, AppTek, Alex Waibel, CMU/KIT 
 +**Technical presentations**:​\\ 
 +24 System papers\\ 
 +9 Research papers\\ 
-{{ ::​seattle_by_chiara_f._2019.jpg |}} 
-The International Conference on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) is an annual scientific conference for the study, development and evaluation of **spoken language translation** technology: **speech-to-text**,​ **speech-to-speech** translation,​ **simultaneous** and **consecutive translation**,​ speech **dubbing**,​ **cross-lingual communication** including all **multimodal**,​ **emotional**,​ **para-linguistic**,​ and **stylistic** aspects and their applications in the field. ​ The conference organizes evaluations and workshop sessions around challenge areas, and presents scientific work and system descriptions. ​ 
-**IWSLT 2020 will be held as an [[https://​acl2020.org | ACL 2020]] event on July 9-10, 2020, in Seattle, WA, USA.