The International Conference on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) is the premier annual scientific conference, dedicated to all aspects of spoken language translation. For 20 years running, the conference has published and organized key evaluation campaigns in the field, including the creation of requisite data suites, benchmarks, metrics and key tasks that define progress in the field. This year’s challenges address simultaneous translation, consecutive translation and subtitling tasks, for real-time, low latency as well offline archival purposes and under low-resource, multilingual, and multimodal constraints. Scientific papers and system descriptions documenting the state-of-the art achieved by participating teams and contributing key algorithmic advances are presented at the conference.

IWSLT is the annual meeting of SIGSLT, the ACL-ISCA-ELRA Special Interest Group on Spoken Language Translation.

Save the date: IWSLT 2023 will be collocated with ACL 2023 over 13-14 July 2023 for its 20th edition.