ACL-ISCA-ELRA Special Interest Group on Spoken Language Translation

Statement of Purpose

Special Interest Group on Spoken Language Translation (SIGSLT) is a joint group by ACL SIGSLT, ISCA SIGSLT and ELRA SIGSLT.
Its purpose is to promote interest in the research area of spoken language translation including simultaneous translation and interpretation, speech dubbing, speech-to-text translation, speech-to-speech translation, cross-lingual communication including paralinguistic, emotional or multimodal information and related areas.


  • Provides members of ACL, ISCA and ELRA with a special interest in spoken language translation and its related areas with a means of exchanging news of recent research developments and other matters of interest in spoken language translation;
  • Organizes challenges and evaluation campaigns;
  • Sponsors and organizes the International Conference on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT), meetings, satellites, and tutorial workshops in spoken language translation, operating within the framework of ACL’s, ISCA’s and ELRA’s guidelines for SIGs;
  • Makes available open source code and data resources, best practices and tools, and evaluation metrics relevant to spoken language translation.

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Steering Committee and Officers

  • Laurent Besacier, Naver Labs Europe, France
  • Marta R. Costa-jussà, Meta, Spain
  • Marcello Federico, Amazon, USA (ACL SIGSLT, President)
  • Chi Mai Luong, IOIT, Vietnam
  • Joseph Mariani, CNRS-LISN, France
  • Satoshi Nakamura, NAIST, Japan (ISCA SIGSLT, President)
  • Hermann Ney, RWTH, Germany
  • Jan Niehues, Mastricht U., Netherlands
  • Juan Pino, Meta, USA
  • Elizabeth Salesky, JHU, USA
  • Mark Seligman, Spoken Translation Inc., USA
  • Katsuhito Sudoh, NAIST, Japan
  • Sebastian Stüker, Zoom, Germany (ELRA SIGSLT, President)
  • Marco Turchi, FBK, Italy
  • Alex Waibel, CMU, USA (Chair)
  • Shinji Watanabe, CMU, USA
  • François Yvon, CNRS, France
  • Chengqing Zong, NLPR CAS, China