IWSLT welcomes sponsorships to fund human evaluations, data collections and student grants. Sponsorships in kind (e.g. computing credits) will be managed by the IWSLT Chairs in collaboration with the sponsor. Donations in cash will be collected through the Association for Computational Linguistics and used to fund students grants and human evaluations and data collections run by non-profit entities.

IWSLT 2022 offers 5 tiers of sponsorships in cash:

  • Diamond Sponsor: $10,000
  • Platinum Sponsor: $5,000
  • Gold Sponsor: $3,000
  • Silver Sponsor: $2,000
  • Bronze Sponsor: $1,000

and 3 tiers for sponsorships in kind (e.g. computing credits):

  • Diamond Sponsor: $20,000
  • Platinum Sponsor: $10,000
  • Gold Sponsor: $5,000

Sponsors will be recognized in the website, during the conference and in the conference proceedings.